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First I want to thank you, for allowing us to be a part of your medical journey!

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Andrew, and I started Medgeeks in 2013 with one goal in mind: to help students and clinicians learn better medicine.

I practiced as a physician assistant for over 5 years in family medicine and OBGYN, before transitioning to Medgeeks full time.

Now, I work for you 🤓.

I'm so happy to have an ever growing community of physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physicians (and many other professions sprinkled in as well).

At first, it was a one man show. Now, there's a team, behind everything we create to ensure our clients success.

In fact we have a team of 16 amazing human beings creating medical content, advising, mentoring, and ensuring your success around the clock!

We currently offer four tracks to help PAs and NPs:
• Medgeeks U
• Family Practice Mentorship
• Emergency Medicine Mentorship
• Hospitalist Mentorship (coming soon)

Through Medgeeks U, our goal is to help physician assistants and nurse practitioners get through school, excel during rotations, and pass their board examination.

Once in practice, we have three tracks to help mentor and foster clinical success:
- Family practice
- Emergency medicine/Urgent care
- Hospitalist mentorship (coming soon)

Our goal is to provide the guidance, mentorship, and support that will help clinicians stay up to date, practice evidence based medicine, and provide quality patient care.

Once a student or clinician joins a track, they are a lifetime member of the community. Meaning, there aren't any recurring fees or subscriptions. We will be with our clients every step of the way, for the remainder of their career.

If this interests you, you can…

Click here to schedule a free call with our advisors

We also host 2 virtual conferences every month for those in family practice and emergency medicine. You can learn more about those here

Alternatively, you can check out our free podcast here. We have close to 5 million downloads and have hundreds of hours of free audio content to help you get ahead.

Once again, thank you for allowing Medgeeks to help take your medical knowledge to the next level!

- Andrew

Founder of Medgeeks

Instagram: @and_reid