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Learning medicine has never been easier

Whether you are a student or a clinician – medicine can be overwhelming.

Updates happen on a daily basis.

Because of this, you need to be ok with one simple truth:
You will never know it all.

Why? Because medicine evolves so quickly. It takes a lifetime to master each specific, medical, niche.

Therefore, it is impossible to know everything. Yet, many feel like failures, because they feel “less than”. But, it’s important to remember, to never compare your knowledge to the knowledge of others.

Your goal is to be the best version of yourself.

But, the question is, how?

The best long term strategy is to be consistent. Learn something new every single day…

This is why we started Medgeeks…

Knowing you have to stay up to date is one thing – but actually doing it is something entirely different.

Whether you are just starting off or have been practicing for years – we want to help you learn better medicine.

We don't care if you're a physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or physician.

We want to take the guess work out of the equation, so you can focus on being the best clinician possible.

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Meet our team

Andrew Reid

Andrew graduated from the UC Davis PA program in 2012. He worked in family practice and OBGYN as a solo provider for 5 years.

In 2013, he founded Medgeeks, as a way to help students and clinicians learn better medicine.

Currently, he is working full time to make Medgeeks the number one resource for all those who have a passion for medicine.

Instagram: @and_reid

Clay Walker

Clay is a board-certified physician assistant practicing in Interventional Radiology in Illinois. Prior to this, he practiced in family medicine and urgent care in rural southern Illinois.

He is a graduate of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program – class of 2016.

Prior to going to PA school, Clay worked as a histology technician in southern Illinois. From an early age, he has been interested in medicine. Clay was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic in the first grade and began learning about his condition and teaching others about T1DM; since then, he began to have a passion to learn medicine and make a difference in the lives of others.

Daniel Champigny

Dan graduated as a physician assistant in 2016 from Pennsylvania State University.

Prior to attending PA school, Dan worked in pre-hospital medicine as an EMT. Currently, Dan works in primary care and urgent care in rural Pennsylvania.

He is a certified impact consultant and is passionate about the management and treatment of concussions.

Anthony Gauthier

Anthony practices sports medicine as a physician assistant at an orthopaedic practice in Long Beach, California.

He graduated from Western University of Health Sciences class of 2008.

He's also Adjunct Faculty at California State University, Long Beach teaching graduate courses in Sports Medicine.

Anthony has a passion for mentoring pre-pa students.

Click here to learn how he can help you get into PA school.

Melody Castellon

Melody graduated in 2018 from Touro University California and is a dual degree clinician, PA-C (MSPAS) and MPH.

Currently, she is working full time as a physician assistant in family practice and urgent care.

You can learn more about her journey on her website: www.stethoscopesandyoga.com/

Instagram: @stethoscopesandyoga

Katelyn Reeve

Prior to PA school, Katelyn played D1 soccer at Clemson University, was elected as captain for 2 years, and ended her time there in the Academic Hall of Fame as an All-American.

She then attended the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston, SC and graduated in 2018 with a 3.99 GPA.

Katelyn will be sharing her journey as she starts and goes through her emergency medicine fellowship.

Click here to learn more about her emergency medicine residency.

Aakash Shah and Rachel Patel

Aakash graduated with a Masters in Physician Assistant Studies at New York Institute of Technology. He currently works full time in Orthopedic Surgery and part time in Internal Medicine.

Rachel is a general surgery Physician Assistant employed in New York City. She is the recipient of the Graduate Award Scholarship at New York Institute of Technology and graduated PA school with honors.

They both started The Humerus PA where they help and coach aspiring PAs get into the PA program of their choice.

Instagram: @thehumeruspa

Joe Rad

Joe graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 2017 and has been working as physician assistant in Pulmonary/Critical Care and Sleep medicine ever since.

He also works in Hematology and Medical oncology in his spare time.

In the ICU, Joe’s responsible for performing many procedures, including but not limited to, intubation, central lines, arterial lines, temporary dialysis lines, para and thoracentesis, and chest tubes.

Follow Joe on IG: @Joeprad

Eric Gordon

Eric is a physician assistant practicing emergency medicine in Fort Worth, Texas. He graduated from the University of North Texas Health Science Center in 2016.

Eric developed a passion for teaching while working as a zipline and ecotour guide in Austin, Texas. He has also taught standardized test prep classes to high school students and currently enjoys training PA and NP emergency medicine residents.

Eric is the man behind behind our Podcasts.

Click here to listen free

Dr. Niket Sonpal

Dr. Sonpal is Assistant professor of medicine at Touro Osteopathic School of Medicine, associate program director for the internal medicine residency program at Brookdale University hospital, director of Medical education at Picmonic, and chief strategy officer at Medquest Test Prep.

Instagram: @nsonpalmd

Dr. Judy Finney

Dr. Finney is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Interventional Cardiology.

Dr. Luke Husby

Dr. Husby is a graduate of the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine and finished residency (chief resident) at Palmetto Health Richland Memorial Hospital. He also completed a fellowship in global health from University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) and a diploma of tropical medicine from the University of Glasgow.

He is an emergency medicine physician and an assistant professor and director of education and research of the Wilderness and Survival Medicine Section at UTHSCSA Emergency Department.

Dr. Husby has worked in several tropical environments including Zambia teaching with the World Health Organization, as well as work in other East African countries primarily Uganda and Tanzania.

Dr. Husby has been a Medgeeks educator from 2019 - present.