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Pharmacology and Text Anxiety

By Andrew Reid - Aug 26, 2020

Liz was an ultrasound tech for 10 years.

After realizing how limiting her education was, she decided to go back to school to become a physician assistant. 

She applied only having an associated degree...

...and was rejected for two cycles before finally being accepted D'Youville College in New York.

Her program was unique in the sense that they had her  first finish classes to get a bachelors degree, then moved into didactic and rotations, so that she can graduate with a masters.

She struggled with test anxiety and did poorly on her first pharmacology exam. Unfortunately, she also failed her boards the first time around.

Listen as she shares what she did to get through didactic, rotations, and how she ultimately pass the boards her second time around. She'll also share:

  • Question banks and resources she used during schools

  • ​Why she failed the boards and what she did to pivot

  • ​Test anxiety

  • How we helped her pass so that she can start living the life she's worked so hard to get