Clinical Lab Mastery

Our program that simplifies the most common lab results seen in practice.

Video and Audio
10.5 hours of clinical labs made simple. Easily accessible on our website or mobile app to learn on the go.

Written Notes
Written notes and slides for each lecture.

Free Updates
Access to any updates made to the curriculum.

100% Guarantee
Don’t absolutely love it? Let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund every penny.

The Curriculum

We’ll be teaching, simplifying, and condensing everything into 10.5 hours of high-yield clinical lab review. Learn by watching our video lectures or use our audio-only feature to listen to each lecture on the go (learn while running errands, at the gym, or while commuting). You’ll also be able to read through our high-yield notes.

Just a few of the questions we’ll address inside Clinical Lab Mastery:

  • Should you repeat the lab? If so, in what time frame?
  • Do you need to order a follow-up test? If so, what test should you order?
  • Should you observe or refer? 
  • Commonly made mistakes. We’ve all made them, but we’ll help you prevent them.

Get your questions answered.
Although it’s a self-paced program, our instructors make themselves available Monday – Friday to answer any questions you may have. 

Free updates.
Every year we make updates to the curriculum to ensure we stay current. You’ll get immediate access to every update (no additional charge).

Mastering the CBC (1.5 hours)

White Blood Count (13 min)

HGB, HCT, and RBC (16 min)

Platelets (7 min)

HGB, HCT, and RBC (16 min)

Potassium (9 min)

Sodium (12 min)

Calcium (8 min)

Kidney Function Testing Part 1 (15 min)

Kidney Function Testing Part 2 (2 hours)

Liver Function Testing Part 1 (25 min)

Liver Function Testing Part 2 (45 min)

Liver Function Testing Part 3 (40 min)

Lipids and Cardiac Biomarkers (1 hour 10 min)

Understanding the BNP (50 min)

TSH, Free T4, Total , & T3 (2 hours)

Made For The Clinician (PA, NP, MD, and DO)

We’ll be teaching the principles behind our decision-making process for the most commonly ordered outpatient labs. Everything is geared towards the practicing clinician so you can better care for your patients.

Clinical Lab Mastery

Your Instructors

Dr. Judy Finney
A graduate from the Michigan State University School of Medicine in the top 5% of her class. Dr. Finney did her residency in internal medicine with Michigan State University Clinical Center and a fellowship in cardiovascular disease at Ingham Regional Medical Center. 

Dr. Finney was also an assistant professor at the Midwestern University School of Medicine. During this time she re-wrote all objectives for the internal medicine rotation and created a database of questions they could use for testing. For seven years she was a clinical professor taking on one student at a time during their 3rd year clinical rotations to help them excel.

Believe us when we say she knows how to take a student from novice to master.

Dr. Niket Sonpal

  • Internist and gastroenterologist by trade
  • Assistant professor at Touro College of Medicine in Harlem, New York
  • Co-author of “Master the Boards USMLE Step 2” and “Master the Boards USMLE Step 3”
  • Faculty at Medquest Board Review
  • Over a decade of experience teaching and training internal medicine residents, PAs (students and clinicians), and NPs (students and clinicians)
  • Official host of the Medgeeks Clinical Medicine Podcast

Customer Reviews

Samantha PA-C
I graduated as a PA in 2017 and have spent the last year and a half in a rural clinic in Iowa, with my supervising physician over a half hour away. 

Medgeeks Clinical Lab program has given me great reference points and tips on reading labs that have saved me numerous calls to my SP about lab value questions. It has helped me learn when to be concerned about certain values and has guided me through next steps in work-ups. 

The program has helped me immensely to become an even more independent provider!

Joanna M. PA-S
As a student in clinic, when you’re looking at labs that are off, you can go crazy trying to figure some underlying cause, that may not even exist. 

The program was great because it taught me to look at the BIG PICTURE… meaning labs, vitals, plus the patient status, and your history & physical exam…they all play a role in how you’re going to interpret the results. 

The program has made interpreting labs quicker and easier for me and I don’t spend precious time on values, that in the end, aren’t that important. 

This allows me to dedicate that time elsewhere and helps to be a more well-rounded and confident clinician. 

Jessica Hammerman FNP
The lab program is so much better than any textbook. It is practical knowledge needed for daily practice. It is exactly what I was looking for! It does not waste my time with things I already know. It only enhances my current knowledge by offering me true clinical point of views with some basic physiology that aids in understanding.


Clinical Lab Mastery